Love the Journey 



In Finnish, it means ‘journey’. 


Taival Films was founded by Heidi, a Finn who discovered a new home and belonging in Melbourne. Melisa, a young director from the Gold Coast whose passion is getting great performances from the artists she directs. Bianca, an audio technician with an ear for the new and engaging and Chris, an editor and colourist who develops the films to be ready for the big (or small) screen.


As a collective, they came together at film school with a shared vision of making film and video content that touched people’s hearts, challenged their thinking and opened their minds. 


Taival Films brought on Brydi on as a content creator for the Future Creatives Initiative alongside Victoria Brennan. At the beginning of 2019, they asked Brydi to join their production team as a freelance director and producer.

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The amazing team at Taival Films have brought me on, along with Victoria Brennan, as Content Creators for their Future Creatives Initiative.​

The initiative is supported by the Melbourne Women in Film Festival (MWFF); joining us to find the next up-and-coming woman Screenwriter in Victoria, Australia.

The winner of the initiative will be awarded with the 'Emerging Screenwriter Award 2019', and have their screenplay produced by Taival Films with a production budget of $5,000.

The film produced will be premiered at the 2020 MWFF.​

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